The Worlds Most Advanced Fuel Purification System

Earth Changing Performance

Our DSOX-20 fuel scrubber is a pre-combustion desulfurization system, which utilizes our proprietary and proven technology as its foundation. By integrating this proven platform with additional new proprietary technologies, which react and release the sulfur in the fuel, our DSOX-20 system is able to scrub and wash the sulfur from the fuel.

Clean You Can Bank On

With our DSOX-20 technology we have found a way to make this happen. As a byproduct the system also removes other harmful alkali metals such as vanadium, sodium and calcium. The DSOX-20 system works by creating an emulsion of fuel and process water, which is injected into the unit under high pressure. This process releases the sulfur from the fuel making it possible to mix with the water. Upon completion of the mixing step, the wash water is separated out in the regular purification system. In order to minimize the use of chemicals, our process is undertaken in 2 steps, utilizing the reused process water in the initial cleaning step.

Small Footprint. Big Benefits


  • Exhaust Gas Heat Reduction

    The DSOX-20 increases the ship’s exhaust gas boiler efficiency, removing excess heat from the exhaust gases, without risking corrosion of the boiler tubes.

  • Discharging Waste Water

    The DSOX-20 system allows vessels to operate in all waters with sulfur emission controls, including all upcoming ECA’s. The resulting waste water can be processed as bilge water and discharged at sea or while landed in ports.

  • Onboard Chemical Manufacturing

    We have now developed a system without the need to bunker chemicals as they will be manufactured onboard. Only the activator and emulsifier will be added to the system.

  • Compact Size

    Our fuel purification system takes less space and weighs less than any existing scrubber on the market. Because of its compact size it can easily be installed while the vessel is in service.

  • Low Energy Consumption

    Lower use of electricity substantially reduces operating costs, when compared to the use of existing exhaust scrubber technologies.

  • Reduced Installation Expense

    Installation expenditures are lower than those of competitors since it can be installed while a vessel is in service.


Our Solution not only reduces the sulfur emissions but offers numerous beneficial byproducts on installation and while in production.

The Right Kind of Clean Energy



Global Required Ships

Each ship must comply with the new directive of .1% within the ECA’s or they can be fined $25,000 per day for non-compliance.


DSOX-20 Sulfur Level

We anticipate that our solution will satisfy both the 2015 requirement, as well as the 2020 global requirement of .5%


Tons of Shipping Industry Sulfur Emissions

Which equals 260 times all car emissions worldwide, and Triton plans to put a big dent in that.

What Can The DSOX-20 Do For You?